Kit Lamapra de Macrame Lastrap Crochet

Brand: Lastrapcrochet


-       1 30cm diameter ring with E-27 support.

-       1 30cm diameter ring without support

-       1 ceiling fixture with 180 cm. colored wire (red, pistacchio, black or withe)

-       1 Trap-art T-shirt yarn tangle

-       Detailed explanation with images and links.

IMPORTANT:  you have to indicate in "comments" box the color of the wire and the colour of the tangle that you want.



It's a BASIC LEVEL KIT to use macrame (knots)

You have all necessary to make your lamp with a lot of colouur combinations in order your lamp fits in any room.

Macrame knots we used in this pattern are the most easy ones. With basic knots you'll get great result.



Crochet needle is not necessary.

This kit it's been created by our friend and blogger Inma de Lastrap Crochet. Know her at

RRP : 35,00€